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Broker Information
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Broker phone   Does broker have an exclusive agreement for this transaction?
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Borrower Information
Borrower name   Borrower email
Borrower phone   Are you requesting?
  senior debt
mezzanine debt
preferred equity
straight equity

Financing Specifications
1. How much is your loan / equity request?   2. What type of property is it?
3. Where is it located?   4. Existing or new construction?
5. Describe borrower's prior experience with this type of project.
6. How much cash equity will borrower put in the project?
7. Will borrower personally guaranty?   8. What is borrower's personal net worth and liquidity?
9. Will borrower agree to escrow lender's due diligence costs ($15,000-$50,000 range)?   10. When does the transaction have to close by?
11. What is your expected range of interest for this deal?   12. What range of fees would you pay for this deal?
13. How long is the required term?   14. Do you have an executive summary?
15. Do you have a Source & Use of Funds?   16. Do you have an appraisal or market study?
Please provide brief executive summary:



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